It wasn't really a game as we know it though. They manifested a whole universe within Sphere 211's Eternal Sphere system and built the game on top of that. The kid even explains that it began as a computer game until Sphere took over. It doesn't go into it all that much more about the other inhabitants of the Eternal… » 8/28/14 5:50pm Thursday 5:50pm

There's also console modding if you know someone handy with a soldering iron. I've gotten RGB, Hsync and Vsync out of every console since the NES just so I could play my games on computer monitors. Never spent more than $1 on parts, all bought at local electronic stores (not Radio Shack if you have a choice). Only… » 8/27/14 1:01am Wednesday 1:01am

The average stay time is interesting how incredibly consistent it is. The popular choice of porn stars is kinda 'meh' to me though. All but one of them while pretty have pretty bad porn acting skills. Then again I'm one of those guys that prefers something more arsty or passionate and those types of porn tend to… » 8/26/14 2:55pm Tuesday 2:55pm

There's a few more cats immortalized by their game developer owners. Game developers that learned around 2000ish likely know what a "cat box" is. For those that missed it: it was a sorta popular game dev graphics tutorial about rendering a textured cube using a cat picture provided by the writer. Was popular because… » 8/26/14 1:33am 8/26/14 1:33am

It can be made faster than a real HDD, pretty much at memory-cpu speed. Instant gates are freaking awesome. It would be massive though, instant gates aren't small like their per-tick brethren. From start to end an instant gate based circuit is instant but inside of it you do have to be careful of synchronization.… » 8/24/14 2:02am 8/24/14 2:02am

There's this stuff called molding gel. It's intended to use in your hair to make it any shape you want, I use it for spiking my hair. If you use it on cloth it has pretty much the same effect as hair, you can actually mold a shirt into something resembling plastic. The stuff doesn't break down until it's scrubbed with… » 8/22/14 11:14am 8/22/14 11:14am

Robotech. The whole thing is just one big cliche with several sub-cliches. The originality really didn't show through until Sentinels but that never got finished for TV. A plant that can be harvested for vast amounts of energy. The only race to figure out how to harvest it in vast quantities disappeared, everyone else… » 8/21/14 4:08pm 8/21/14 4:08pm

It's giving people the wrong idea though. I can't remember the film that did it but there's a film where texting and computer use is shown with a camera aimed just right to see both the screen and the expression on the actors faces. The computers and phones looked real, the GUIs on them very familiar and the way… » 8/16/14 11:19am 8/16/14 11:19am

Unless Microsoft has changed since the Xbox360 era they wont even be high performance drives, just ordinary off the shelf stuff with custom firmware in it to make sure most people pay for the ones they sell. They could just as easily do a custom filesystem on any SATA drives of the latest version during development… » 8/12/14 1:07pm 8/12/14 1:07pm

You kind of miss out on a big part of critical thinking. Being able to apply what you learn in a meaningful way. Without that you get what we have right now, a society of people that know exactly how our world is messed up but are unable to band together and do something about it, just complain. Majority of school is… » 8/10/14 10:33am 8/10/14 10:33am

I commend her for being so open in her games. If I used my game development skills to make a game about my sex life... no one would buy it except as a joke gift. It'd be a series of constantly being strung along and stood up, lots and lots of texting with no physical contact. I guess the goal of the game would be to… » 8/04/14 10:59pm 8/04/14 10:59pm

It doesn't look as good up close to me. I can see sampling artifacts in the surface normals, like a weaker DXT compression level of artifacting. The facial hair is just layered planes, didn't even reorient the texture view which really isn't hard for tubular shapes. I can see edges on those teeth that are far too… » 8/03/14 1:24am 8/03/14 1:24am